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Our aim is to bring together profession as whole. To provide the framework for all in the care the profession of Dental Care to engage, to learn from each other and support our ethos "towards greater good"

The Dental Link is a welcoming group and a magnet for like-minded dentists. It is dedicated to improving all aspects of the profession of dentistry. The organisation aim is to provide a platform to support our professions' drive to improve. As a professional organisation, it remains steadfastly apolitical.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal.Its strap line reflects its ethos 'Towards the Greater Good'.

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Dental Link

"It gives me great pleasure to accept the role of President of the Dental Link for 2019.

Dentistry is evolving, the changes faced by young professionals today have placed an increasing strain on the profession. Our organization was founded over 39 years ago! It was always meant to be for Dentists by Dentists. We are now adopting and evolving to ensure that the older, hopefully, wiser members can help, guide and advise the newer members to our profession.

As the original founder member and having engaged in the profession since 1980, the role of the current president is to head our committee of equally like-minded and driven individuals. We, together, wish to pass on our legacy, experience and stories.

Dental Link is the platform on which we are able to provide our members access to information, to ideas and tips to ease your practice life. It is about the future. Please join us and be part of the conversation. Let us strive to improve every aspect of Dental Care, professional and personal. The more you engage the more you and the profession benefits.

While we may be an insular profession but are also a community with much to share. I would like to invite you to be part of the our, the members, organization as we head towards new horizons."

Dipak Joshi
President of the Dental Link
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The Dental Link UK (formerly AOG) is a non-profit organisation. All proceeds from Dental Link are donated to AOG Foundation Ltd a registered charity in the U.K. Your contributions are used "towards greater good". Our dedicated charity pages allows our members to visit, donate and also help by donating their time and expert skills to help the less fortunate.

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