Committee member's list for Dental Link 2019

Dipak Joshi Dipak Joshi President

Rupa Patel Rupa Patel Secretary

Mahesh Patel Mahesh Patel Treasurer

Elected Committee members :

Rash Patel Rash Patel
Jayesh Patel Jayesh Patel
Rupa Patel Rupa Patel
Daylesh Shah Daylesh Shah
Rosie Sandhu Rosie Sandhu
Shama Shah Shama Shah

Board of Trustees

Ruby Austin MBE Ruby Austin MBE Trustee

Pommi Datta Pommi Datta Trustee

Mahesh Patel Mahesh Patel Treasurer / Trustee

Rashmi Patel MBE Rashmi Patel MBE Secretary / Social Secretary / Trustee
Manny Vasant MBE Manny Vasant MBE Trustee

Dental Link Past Presidents & Secretaries

Promodh Datta 2011-Present Sana Movahedi
Promodh Datta 2008-2011 Nishan Dixit
Nadeem Zafar 2006-2008 Nishan Dixit
Rishi Mehrotra 2005-2006 Nishan Dixit
Dinesh Jani 2003-2005 Rishi Mehrotra
Abhay Soneji 2002-2003 Dinesh Jani
Ian McIntyre 2001-2002 Stephen Lambert-Humble MBE
Jatin Desai 2000-2001 Pinkoo Bhose
Mayur Butt 1999-2000 Abhay Soneji
Saif Najafi 1997-1999 Abhay Soneji
Suresh Chande 1996-1997 Saif Najafi
Rashmi Patel MBE 1995-1996 Raj Majithia
Ruby Austin MBE 1994-1995 Dinesh Jani
Manjul Vasant MBE 1993-1994 Raj Raja Rayan OBE
Amolak Singh MBE 1992-1993 Hubert Chang
Raj RajaRayan OBE 1991-1992 Hansdev Patel
Dipak Joshi 1990-1991 Hansdev Patel
Amarjit Khambay 1983-1990 Dipak Joshi
Shashi Patel 1982-1983 Amarjit Khambay
Navtej Vasir 1981-1982 Amarjit Khambay

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